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What do I need to get tattooed?
In order to be tattooed you must be at least 18 years of age with a valid state or federal photo I.D. card. Valid forms of I.D. include: DMV I.D card, Drivers License, Military I.D., or Passport.
(School I.D's, social security cards, and birth certificates are NOT accepted as proof of identification!) NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can I be underage to get tattooed?
You must be at least 16 years old, and have the following: a valid state issued photo I.D; a parent or gaurdian must be present with you, and they must have a valid state issued photo I.D., and you must bring your Birth Certificate. (Birth Certificate cards are NOT accepted!)

What are your sterilization procedures?
We use industry standard sterilazation practices( APT Guidlines) which include: autoclave sterilization, new needles every time, and 10% bleach solution to wipe down areas. All artist are fully licensed and are CPR/ Bloodborne Pathogen Course certified.

Do you offer military discounts?
Yes, for active miltary only. 10% off any tattoo of $100 or more. Cannot combine discount with your friend.

Do you offer student discounts?
No, but we do occasionally have coupons that you can print off or save to your phone to save money.

Are walk-ins welcome?
Walk-ins are always welcome! We also offer appointments on weekdays only, with at least 1 days notice.

Do you cover existing tattoos?
Yes, we do cover-up work. Certain tattoos work better than others, usually it will take a bigger bolder tattoo with more black shading than usual (depending on how faded the original tattoo is). The best tattoos to use for cover-ups are: roses, eagles, panthers, koi fish, grim reapers, wolves, stone work, trees, wings, dragons with heavy scales, ect. There are other options as well. Most cover-ups will not look as good as a tattoo on fresh skin, but if you wanna cover up that mistake
or bootleg tattoo it will get the job done.

Can you fix my bootleg tattoo?
Yes, most times we can fix it or cover it...but it will usually not look as good as if you came to us in the first place. SAY NO TO BOOTLEG TATTOOS!!!

Can you custom design my tattoo?
We do custom design work, although for some larger more detailed peices we may need more than 1 day to complete the design. You can also bring your own drawings in, or designs ideas from the internet or elsewhere.  

Do you allow children in the shop?
Yes, we understand that parents may have small children with them at the time they are getting tattooed. However, we do ask that children are supervised by a responsible adult while you are getting your tattoo done. We do not allow children into the area where the tattoos are performed! They can remain in the waiting area with another adult until your tattoo is completed. 

Can I drink alcohol before I get tattooed?
No!!! We refuse to work on anyone who has been drinking alcohol. No exceptions!!

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, debit and credit cards. All major cards are accepted: Visa, Discover, Mastercard

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